Bitcoin Only Matters Because the Game Is Rigged…?

Not that I agree with the title but I do see what they’re getting at…a bit of Sunday reading for your evening…

Bitcoin Only Matters Because the Game Is Rigged

  • Who is the economy still working for, and who is it not serving?
  • What’s wrong with money that makes alternatives attractive?
  • Why and how is Bitcoin disconnected from the current system?
  • What’s the value in the US and western Europe compared to the value in less developed parts of the world?
  • What role does speculation play in the story of bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin’s been around now for more than ten years. Are we on track to make a difference? What’s the normal adoption curve for disruptive or revolutionary technologies?
  • What IS a disruptive or revolutionary technology? Who is bitcoin potentially disrupting?
  • Does being part of the bitcoin community make you politically affiliated, or represent a distinct political viewpoint?

Master Asked on June 22, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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