Bitcoin-Only Brokers on Freedom and Finance

Sh!tcoins are “garbage” – I agree and it seems that sentiment is growing in Europe with a large group in the community of companies and consumers that feel only Bitcoin is worth holding

Shitcoins are ‘garbage’: Bitcoin-only brokers on freedom and finance

“In Europe, ‘Bitcoin only’ is a growing trend, as more and more consumers and companies are hardening their resolve that Bitcoin (BTC) is the only digital asset worth holding.

Bitcoin-only exchanges and brokers are places to stack sats, not “gamble” on Ether (ETH), or trade ‘garbage’ that looks like ‘venture investments.’

That’s according to the CEOs of major Bitcoin-only exchanges and brokers, including CoinCorner, FastBitcoins, Relai, Bittr, Pocket Bitcoin and Bitcoin-lyon. Cointelegraph spoke to the CEOs and founders of these European Bitcoin brokers to find out why they are Bitcoin only, and why you should build a company on this conviction.”



Master Asked on March 25, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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