Bitcoin Mining At Home

A look at the home mining trend which is slated to really rise this year:


Bitcoin Magazine has been checking in with a few of the companies in the bitcoin mining space to get a sense of how the market for ASICs is changing and what to expect going into 2022.

2021 was a big year for bitcoin mining mostly because roughly 40% of the mining hashrate disappeared after the China ban and reappeared in places like Kazakhstan, Siberia, and Texas. A recent report suggests that close to 20 percent of the bitcoin networks’ hashrate is still in China, with some in the form of home mining rigs.

Meanwhile, the growth in demand for ASICs from potential home miners in North America is growing rapidly. Going into 2022, there’s consensus among companies that provide mining services, that like death and taxes, two things are certain:

Demand for ASICs will continue to grow especially in the home mining sector.
Supply chain issues will be the biggest challenge for the ASICs and infrastructuremarket in 2022.



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