Bitcoin Life Lesson :

Shoulda just used BitWallet :

” A Bitcoin (BTC) investor has allegedly lost access to funds worth over $12.9 million after failing to record the passphrase for their wallet.

In what may become the latest timely lesson for the wider Bitcoin user base, Reddit account u/lumanubrecon claimed that as of Nov. 26, their balance of 1,800 BTC was out of reach.

The user said the coins were originally stored in a so-called “brain wallet” in 2016. When attempting to recover the wallet using the passphrase generated at the time, however, the wallet does not unlock.

A brain wallet is a form of Bitcoin wallet which normally involves no physical or digital record of its passphrase at all. Instead, users create a passphrase which is easy to recall but difficult to crack. An example is a simple sentence which swaps out standard letters for symbols that resemble those letters. ”

Master Asked on November 26, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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