Bitcoin: Largest Difficulty Adjustment Since 2018

The first upward difficulty adjustment since the halving will also be the largest since 2018, January 2018, to be exact:

Bitcoin Poised for Largest Difficulty Adjustment Since 2018

Within the next couple of days, the Bitcoin (BTC) network will experience a massive upward difficulty adjustment. The coded variable determines the amount of computing power required to find the right hash in a Bitcoin transaction block.

The Bitcoin hash rate has recovered from its post-halving plunge and may soon reach its pre-halving level of 120 EH/s. Other on-chain metrics are also showing positive signs.

Bitcoin HODLers, for example, are stacking sats at a record pace. Despite a lacklustre price in recent weeks, there appears to be renewed interest in the largest crypto by market capitalization.

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Master Asked on June 15, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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