“Bitcoin Is The ultimate Freedom”: Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage spoke on a panel yesterday at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference and highlighted how Bitcoin is the “ultimate freddom”:


“I led a political insurgency, I took on the establishment,” Farage recounted. “What I think is happening with Bitcoin is we’re seeing a similar type of insurgency, an economic insurgency that is being driven and led by people who are worried about the sheer size and scale of big government.”

The subject was ignited by fellow panelist and “What Bitcoin Did” podcast host Peter McCormack’s initial question. “What are you doing at a Bitcoin conference?”

Farage concluded that because of the links between his past experience and the Bitcoin movement today, it was “a perfect and natural place to be.”

The politician expanded on his argument, detailing more of his views of the establishment and why it can be difficult to challenge it. Those who are part of and maintain the establishment, he argued, “own and set the status quo, they are very comfortable… and they don’t want anything to come along and disrupt.”

“And I think Bitcoin is seeing that.”

The parallels between Farage’s past leading the Brexit movement and the present reality of the burgeoning technology kept being expanded upon as he began to discuss liberties and freedom. Farage commented on the EU Commission and its relationship with lawmakers, claiming that the fact that bureaucrats are the ones steering the ship doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the EU in his mind.

“I believe in freedom, I believe in liberty, and I believe the nation-state represents the best way to do it at the moment,” Farage said. “I’m absolutely proud of campaigning for Brexit, achieving Brexit, and I believe it is the first brick out of the globalist EU world.”

Similarly, Farage believes that bitcoin can help individuals take back control of their finances and ultimately their lives.

“Governments cannot come near [Bitcoin],” he reasoned. “They cannot tell me what I can and cannot do with bitcoin and, in that sense, it is the ultimate freedom, it is the ultimate liberty.”

Master Asked on October 14, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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