Bitcoin Is The Only Cryptocurrency You Need?

Although an opinion piece, I wholeheartedly agree although anyone who feels otherwise and holds crypto other than Bitcoin would not be wrong in their beliefs as there is room for all. When it comes down to brass tacks, though, Bitcoin is proven to be head and shoulders above the rest and if this were high school would be voted “most likely to succeed”

When looking at the overall crypto ecosystem, it can be easy for beginning investors to get overwhelmed by the thousands of different cryptocurrencies . One might question whether they should go all in on Bitcoin, or incorporate other cryptocurrencies into their portfolio. There are different opinions on other cryptocurrencies, as some believe them to have various possible future use cases. However, from the standpoint of which cryptocurrencies have the characteristics of a SoV asset, there is no comparison to Bitcoin’s economic and technical principles.

Bitcoin is and will continue to reign supreme as the top global cryptocurrency as its adoption grows, wealth management firms continue to provide exposure to their high-net-worth individual clients, and more institutions adopt it on their balance sheets. In the race to become the world’s largest monetary asset and paradigm-shifting economic network, Bitcoin will win.

Master Asked on April 16, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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