Bitcoin Is The King: 8,900,000% ROI

No doubt here, Bitcoin is head-and-shoulders above the rest. The numbers don’t lie.

8,900,000% ROI: Bitcoin Is The Best Performing Asset Of The Ending Decade

“Whenever a year comes to its end, people start reminiscing on the last 365 days, recovering photos and memories, and the same could be expected to happen in the next few days, as this year ends. 2019 though, marks another milestone as the whole decade is coming to a close. While some people might start getting back to what happened to them in the last ten years, we will have a look at the leading financial instruments and how they performed in this timeframe. Did you know that if you had invested $1 in a specific stock in 2010, it could have turned it to $4,177 as of now? While this sounds incredibly impressive, there’s another type of investment that would have turned your $1 in 2010 to a mind-blowing $90,000. The name of that investment, you ask – yes, Bitcoin.”


Master Asked on December 29, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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