Bitcoin Is More Trustworthy Than Status Quo

Jameson Lopp :

“While Bitcoin never has and never will have any sort of fiscal policy to try to maintain a specific value, we do know that the emission schedule of Bitcoin is set, and is practically impossible for that to ever be changed. It’s technically possible, but the likelihood of that consensus to change it is basically zero. And so I figured to myself, well, at the very least, it sounds like an interesting hedge to keep some small portion of my portfolio in Bitcoin because it’s just a little bit more trustworthy than these other systems that are controlled by people pulling levers willy-nilly on a whim.”

Crypto Influencer Says Bitcoin Is More Trustworthy Than Status Quo, Calls Cryptography’s ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ a Game Changer

Master Asked on October 17, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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