Bitcoin Is a “Figment of Everyone’s Imagination” ?

More from the ” do as I say , not as I do ” crowd … This is beyond laughable , keep on making yourself more irrelevant …


” Away from price movements, million-dollar lunches, and regulatory crackdowns, memes are one of the more endearing aspects of the lighter side of the blossoming bitcoin scene.

And inside this sub-niche, the “old man yells at bitcoin” motif is perhaps one of the more iconic of the lot. It has featured such notable names as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Joseph Stiglitz to mention a few.

Now, according to Steven Russolillo of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Neil Dwane – portfolio manager and global strategist at Allianz, a German multinational financial services giant, has joined the club. In a tweet published on Wednesday (June 5, 2019), the WSJ reporter quoted the Allianz executive as saying:

‘ I wouldn’t buy bitcoin. I believe bitcoin is a figment of everyone’s imagination. There is no evidence that you can actually get your money back out of the system. To me, it’s not a rational place to invest. ‘ ”


Master Asked on June 5, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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