Bitcoin Hashrate Up 15% Since Last Week…

Bitcoin’s hashrate has climbed @ 15% since the difficulty adjustment on March 3rd…

Bitcoin Hashrate Swells 15% Since Last Week As Analysts Expect Mining Difficulty To Increase

“On March 3, the difficulty decreased by 1.5 percent following six straight increases.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty is currently at approximately 27.55 trillion, and processing power has been up since the last adjustment.

Bitcoin’s hashrate has climbed by approximately 15% since the difficulty adjustment and by 30% since it reached 169 EH/s two weeks ago.

The network’s processing power is currently around 218.11 EH/s, and it has managed to remain a little over the 200 EH/s mark for the last 10 days…

BTCSHT has a current value of $14.42, which is 0.48% lower than yesterday’s price point.

It also has correlating highs of $14.67 and lows of $14.00 regarding the current mining power and stability of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently priced at $39,170, below the $40,000 mark but is still at its support level. It has a 24 hour high reaching $39,254 and lows of about $37,589, as per CoinDesk data.”


Master Asked on March 14, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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