Bitcoin Has Now Died 473 Times

After seeing several articles on how Bitcoin is now “dead in America” by Chamath Palihapitiya, I thought I’d look up and see what the actual count is on how many times the press or someone has declared Bitcoin “dead”. The count is now at 473! Yet here we are.


Chamath Palihapitiya has  been around for some time and has always had a positive stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency (a very positive one, actually) and here today I think we are seeing more of a clickbait use of his actual quote or stance as he’s speaking on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, and not Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Try as they may, the US government is not going to kill Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Bull Chamath Palihapitiya Claims Crypto Is Dead in America

As reported by CNBC, Palihapitiya expressed his disappointment in the current state of the crypto industry. According to Palihapitiya, the future of crypto lies elsewhere, due mostly to the actions taken by regulators.

“Crypto is dead in America. “You had Gensler even blaming the banking crisis on crypto. The United States authorities have firmly pointed their guns at crypto (companies). They were probably the ones that were the most threatening to the establishment. And they were the ones that, in fairness to the regulators, did push the boundaries more than any other sector of the startup economy.”

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Master Asked on April 25, 2023 in Cryptocurrency.
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