Bitcoin & Fortnite ?

$30M Fortnite Tourney Bodes Well For Future of Bitcoin & Crypto: Analyst

“Ikigai‚Äôs Travis Kling wrote on Twitter:

‘This is directionally very bullish crypto. This is *massive* fiat currency surrounding a digital world. These digital worlds themselves have massive fiat economies existing inside them.

The next step of the MoE itself being digitally native is not a long put.’

Indeed. In many senses, the crypto and gaming industries share parallels. Both are inherently digital, appeal to a younger audience, and involve concepts foreign to everyone and anyone just thirty years ago.

The fact that gaming is succeeding now should be a positive sign for crypto-natives, most of which have begun to fear another drawdown in the price of Bitcoin.”

Master Asked on July 29, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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