Bitcoin & Crypto Has Matured Dramatically?

It is not Bitcoin that needs (or has) to mature over time, just like with medicine, it won’t work over night to cure all that ails you.

“Compared to eighteen months ago, alternative data provider Indexica believes that Bitcoin has matured as an asset since the last bull rally, and has published research supporting their claim. The group created a custom index processing the language contained in thousands of text documents related to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, and found that the industry, as a whole, has matured greatly over the last several years.

According to their findings, professional discourse around Bitcoin has continued to grow throughout 2019, marking a key price indicator for the currency’s rally since the start of April. As outlined by Bloomberg, Indexica’s findings show three main drivers for growth: ‘a more complex conversation surrounding Bitcoin, fewer concerns about fraud and a shift in the tense of how Bitcoin is talked about from the past to the future.'”


Master Asked on May 20, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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