Bitcoin Breaks $18K and Hits 1-Month High

Bitcoin is slowly waking back up and those whoh ave slept on it are going to wear many a sad face

13% of BTC supply returns to profit as Bitcoin sees ‘massive’ accumulation

“After gaining nearly 5% in 24 hours, Bitcoin is back on bulls’ radar ahead of a crunch United States inflation data release.

What the impact will be remains uncertain, but on-chain analysis is eyeing a more important phenomenon already playing out on the market.

The latest price uptick has seen a considerable number of bitcoins flip from unrealized loss to unrealized profit — it is now worth more than when it last moved.

If this means that investors who bought below the current spot price are in profit, it suggests that a significant amount of the BTC supply changed hands in an area between there and recent multi-year lows.”


Master Asked on January 12, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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