Bitcoin ATMs Expand…

…despite those pesky shelter-in-place rules…!

Bitcoin ATMs Expand Despite Shelter-in-Place Rules

“With blockchain-based payments apps and entertainment platforms seeing a boost in users with people spending more time online, crypto and bitcoin ATMs, the physical manifestation of this network, seem an unlikely adjunct to this market growth.

Despite wide-reaching shelter-in-place rulings meant to keep people indoors, some bitcoin ATM operators are reporting an increase in transactions, while others are taking advantage of this intermission to expand their networks.

Perhaps people are scared and are prepping in the most immediate way: the nearest ATM. Bitcoin-related Google searches are skyrocketing, but for the many intimidated by the world of wallets, private keys and QR codes, bitcoin ATMs (sometimes called BTMs) provide a convenient onramp to these ‘safe haven’ assets.”

Master Asked on April 19, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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