Bitcoin & Altcoins To Go Parabolic In April?

Top analyst Nicolas Merten thinks we shall see not only Bitcoin, but altcoins go on a parabolic rally this April.

“I want to make the case that, really, as soon as later in April, if this trend plays out here, we could be back up towards that $60,000 range for Bitcoin. We could be in for a spring rally… But it’s not just Bitcoin. I want to emphasize this big time – because I understand all the while Bitcoin is obviously the most recognized currency, it is the largest crypto in the crypto space – this is unlikely to be just a Bitcoin rally.

I know that people usually think that it’s Bitcoin first then altcoins, but if this market has proven anything, it’s proven that the previous trends we’ve found in the past are not the same in this cycle. And we’ve seen, just like we saw back in late 2020 into early 2021 – Bitcoin and altcoins were picking up steam.”

The Data Dash host points out that certain altcoins are already heating up in the market, something that he says signals institutions are buying altcoins at market value in anticipation of an upswing.

Master Asked on March 22, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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