Bitcoin: @ $300K In 5 Years?

OG Bitcoinister Adam Back believes we will see BTC @ $300,000 within five years:

Why a Long-Time Bitcoin Proponent Thinks BTC Will Rally Over 3,000% in 5 Years

Speaking to Bloomberg on June 1st, Blockstream CEO Adam Back says that he thinks Bitcoin will hit $300,000 within the next five years. This equates to a rally of around 3,050% from the current price.

Back attributed this high prediction to the influx of investors hedging with Bitcoin, be that Paul Tudor Jones or retail investors like you or I. He added that with “a lot of money printing” going on in the world, BTC’s use case makes even more sense.

Corroborating the $300,000 prediction is the famous Stock to Flow Model from analyst “PlanB,” a pseudonymous quantitative analyst that works as an institutional investor in Europe.

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