Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager: “I Should Have Bought More” (Bitcoin)

Billionaire Mac Lasry has one regret regarding buying Bitcoin: he should have bought more! This is something all of us can relate to bu thankfully we are still in territory where there’s cheap Bitcoin to be had.

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Says He Made Major Mistake When Buying Bitcoin

I think the probability as more and more people keep using Bitcoin, it’s going to keep moving up. But, yeah, it’s happened a little bit quicker than I thought it would. I should have bought a lot more. That’s my mistake.”

When Bitcoin was trading below the $8,000 level three years ago, Lasry predicted that it could hit $40,000. The hedge funder explains that his prediction was predicated on institutional investors entering the space and driving up Bitcoin’s price.

“…once a market is created, it’s there. That to me was the reason why I thought it was interesting on Bitcoin. And I thought that as soon as you had institutional investors coming in, the price would move up.”

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Master Asked on June 10, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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