Ben Bernanke With What’s One Of THE Worst Takes On Bitcoin

There have been a lot but this is up there…and leave it to former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, no doubt….out of all the positives and genius of Bitcoin, Bernanke sees “The underlying [value] of a Bitcoin is to do ransomware”…How can these people say this stuff with a straight face?

Bitcoin’s Underlying Value ‘Is to Do Ransomware’: Former Fed Chair Bernanke

“If Bitcoin were a substitute for fiat money, you could use Bitcoin to go buy your groceries,” he said. “Nobody buys groceries with Bitcoin because it’s too expensive and too inconvenient to do that.”

Comparing Bitcoin’s uses to gold, Bernanke said “you can use [gold] to fill cavities. The underlying [value] of a Bitcoin is to do ransomware.”


Master Asked on May 18, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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