BBC English Language Lesson about Cryptocurrency ?

Another example of crypto moving into the mainstream :

” The BBC is helping non-native English speakers sharpen up their cryptocurrency language skills and knowledge with a 6-minute primer on Bitcoin.

In today’s episode of BBC Learning English hosts Catherine and Sam discuss cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Facebook’s controversial digital currency Libra.

If you’re a seasoned Bitcoin boffin, don’t expect to learn anything new. This 6-minute conversation serves as nothing more than an introductory conversation to the topic for non-English speakers to listen to and get to grips with some basic terms.

The episode opens with a basic overview of cryptocurrency, where the word comes from and what it is. And poses a quick question to listeners, “When was Bitcoin created?” Listeners are kept waiting until the end of the show for the answer. ”

Expert Asked on August 15, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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