Barry Silbert – US Regulators Can’t Shut Down Bitcoin


Not that there was any doubt or worry as Bitcoin is above and beyond those who would try and control it, but here is Barry Silbert’s take on any question of the US govt banning Bitcoin

Grayscale CEO: US Regulators Can’t Shut Down Bitcoin

“Barry Silbert, CEO of cryptocurrency investment firm Grayscale Investments and Digital Currency Group, believes the United States is past the point of no return for banning Bitcoin.

In a Grayscale investor call on July 16, the CEO said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the chances of regulations in the U.S. improving or at least not getting worse for the cryptocurrency.

‘For the first time ever, we are past the ‘ban bitcoin’ perceived risk,” Silbert said. “There’s enough support in DC from policy makers and regulators that Bitcoin has a right to exist and ultimately you can’t shut it down.'”

Master Asked on July 20, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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