Bank of Russia Calls for Full Ban on Crypto

Not surprising at all coming from the central banksters

Bank of Russia Calls for Full Ban on Crypto

“Russia must ban cryptocurrencies, the country’s central bank said in a report released Thursday.

The report, ‘Cryptocurrencies: trends, risks, measures,’ was presented during an online press conference with Elizaveta Danilova, the director of the Bank of Russia’s Financial Stability Department.

The report says cryptocurrencies are volatile and widely used in illegal activities such as fraud. By offering an outlet for people to take their money out of the national economy, they risk undermining it and making the regulator’s job of maintaining optimal monetary policies harder, the report says.

The bank, therefore, suggest Russia needs new laws and regulations that effectively ban any crypto-related activities in the country. In particular, cryptocurrency issuance and organization of its circulation in Russia must be banned. The ban should apply to exchanges, over-the-counter trading desks and peer-to-peer platforms.”


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