Arthur Hayes – “Everyone who Could go Bankrupt has Gone Bankrupt”

At $17000 has Bitcoin bottomed due to all of the “irresponsible entities” as Arthur hayes is calling them have sold all of their Bitcoin, and then some?

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin bottomed as ‘everyone who could go bankrupt has gone bankrupt’

“Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of crypto derivatives platform BitMEX, thinks the worst might be over for Bitcoin this cycle as the “largest most irresponsible entities” have run out of BTC to sell.

‘Looking forward, pretty much everyone who could go bankrupt has gone bankrupt,’ he said in the Dec. 11 interview with crypto advocate and podcaster Scott Melker.

Hayes elaborates on his stance by explaining that when centralized lending firms (CELs) have financial troubles, they will often call in loans first, then sell BTC first because it operates as the ‘reserve asset of crypto’ and “the most pristine asset and the most liquid:”

‘When you look at the balance sheet of any of these of the heroes, there’s no Bitcoin on it because what do they do, they sold the Bitcoin as they were going bankrupt, they sold the Bitcoin during the wave before they went bankrupt.’”


Master Asked on December 12, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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