ARK Invest: Bitcoin’s Price Could Surpass $1 Million In The Next Decade

Catherine Wood and ARK Invest reveal their most recent research and pose their findings that Bitcon could very well reach $1.36 million PER BTC by 2030


In its most recent research, ARK Invest envisioned even more significant expansion for bitcoin – $1.36 million per single coin by 2030. The team estimated that this price increase could happen as the market cap of the cryptocurrency taps $28.5 trillion:

“According to our research, Bitcoin’s market capitalization could scale more than 25-fold in the next decade, with each exceeding $1 million in value.”

ARK Invest outlined several achievements, which the primary digital asset registered in the past months. These include surpassing $1 trillion in market capitalization in February 2021, the approval of the first BTC ETF by Canadian regulators, and the SEC’s green light on the Bitcoin Futures ETF in October.

Subsequently, the team pointed out that the crypto asset has received more attention from institutional investors who want to hold it long-term. It also outlined El Salvador’s pioneering move to adopt bitcoin as legal tender inside its borders.

Master Asked on January 26, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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