Anthony Pompliano Speaks With CNN – Re: Bitcoin, Buffett, XRP

Pomp was recently interviewed by CNN’s Julia Chatterley – here are a few takes from that interview


“Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and host of Off the Chain, spoke to CNN’s Julia Chatterley today, and pulled no punches when the anchor asked if he’d ever consider buying XRP or TRX.

Pomp flatly said no, without hesitation, to both crypto-assets and set Bitcoin apart from all other blockchain projects. He stated that he simply didn’t believe that they held the same value proposition as Bitcoin.

‘No, because I ultimately don’t think that they have the same value that these other assets have. My belief is that stocks – what gives them value? – GDP, revenue, profits etc. Everything that makes those valuable, that doesn’t change. You’re just changing the technology form factor of which you will buy that asset.’

I got a laugh out of this one

“Though Pompliano acknowledged many investors respect the billionaire and consider him a financial genius, he referred to Buffett as being out of touch when it comes to cryptocurrencies:

‘I really don’t take technology advice from somebody who uses a flip phone or doesn’t use email.'”

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