Another Endorsement For Bitcoin – US Dollar Now “Funny Money”

The veil has been lifted in grand fashion, as of late – with the ‘rona and stimulus/”money printer goes brrrrr” the US dollar is now shown to be the fraud it is and smart people are waking-up to what a beautiful thing Bitcoin is

Winklevoss: US Dollar Is Now a ‘Funny Money’ Endorsement of Bitcoin

“Talks between Democrats and Republicans were “on the brink of collapse,” CNN reported on Friday, as the two sides’ desired stimulus totals differed by several trillion dollars.

For Winklevoss, the idea that politicians could plan for the same goal with wildly varying sums of money said more about the value of the dollar than their differences.

‘The US dollar has become such funny money that politicians are now ‘trillions of dollars apart’ in stimulus negotiations. Remember when a billion was a big number?’ he wrote.

‘If this isn’t a wakeup call and an endorsement of Bitcoin, I don’t know what is.’”

Master Asked on August 7, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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