A Redditor Has Nearly Found $5 Million of Lost Bitcoin

The key word here is nearly – the poor guy has not only lost his brother, but also his Bitcoin – things were looking up when he found the laptop but the hard drive is missing! 533 BTC!!!

A Redditor has nearly found $5 million of lost Bitcoin

  • A Redditor has come close to finding $5 million of lost Bitcoin.
  • They were lost on an old computer but the hard drive is missing.
  • If he finds it, he will recover a lost fortune

One Redditor has come tantalizingly close to finding 533 Bitcoin stored on his late brother’s laptop—worth a cool $5.2 million at current prices.

The Bitcoin was stored on a laptop that Redditor “Shotukan” gave to his brother, who died last August. He unearthed the computer while rifling through boxes of his brother’s possessions ahead of a big move, he wrote today.

But—and it’s a big but—the laptop’s hard drive is missing, and with it the Bitcoin stored on it. That means ol’ Shotukan has no way of accessing his stash of Bitcoin, which he must have bought for mere pennies back in 2010.

Full article here: https://decrypt.co/31701/bitcoin-blockchain-redditor-lost-money

Master Asked on June 10, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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