90% Of All Bitcoin Has Now Been Mined

With 90% of all Bitcoin mined, wonder how prce will reflect once the mainstream realizes they all want a piece of the pie?

90% of All Bitcoin is Now Mined: The Remaining 10% Will Take Approximately 120 Years to Mine

Bitcoin’s history began nearly 13 years ago, as its network launched on January 3, 2009. Back then, Satoshi Nakamoto – the mysterious architect(s) of the project – mined the starting block of the chain, known as the Genesis Block.

One of the critical and most valued features of Bitcoin is its digital scarcity that comes from the fact that no more than 21 million bitcoins could ever be created.

According to data from BlockchainCom, there are 18.89 million BTC already mined, representing 90% of the total supply. There are less than 2 million bitcoins left to mine after today. However, due to the regular halving events, the self-adjusting difficulty, and other pre-programmed features, it is estimated that this will take quite some time and that the 21 millionth BTC will be “created” in the distant 2140.

Full article here: https://cryptopotato.com/90-of-all-bitcoin-is-now-mined-the-remaining-10-will-take-approximately-120-years-to-mine/


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