$77 Makes You A Bitcoin Millionaire?

Pierre Rochard tweeted-out that if you hodl .01 BTC, you are “literally a millionaire”. Now I get what he is saying, but we aren’t quite there just yet – and also, as you’ll see if you read the piece I’ll post below, it can be taken that he means that .01 BTC’s =’s a million satoshis – hence, “literally a millionaire”. Anyway, hope you good people out there in the cryptoverse are doing well and maybe this’ll break-up the monotony ***

Today in Crypto Twitter: 77 USD Makes You a Bitcoin Millionaire? (2020-04-27)

Pierre Rochard decided to tweet out something that many find to be more than a bit disingenuous. Early this morning, the Bitcoin maximalist claimed that everyone who owns 0.01 bitcoins is “literally a millionaire.”

While his claim is centered around the fact that 0.01 bitcoins equates to one million satoshis — the smallest measurement of a bitcoin — the claim doesn’t really make as much sense as Rochard would like his followers to believe. As @wiz pointed out, you could merely divide anything you consider to be money or valuable (even dogecoins) into a million pieces and call yourself a millionaire.

If you measure the term “millionaire” in terms of United States dollars, then 0.01 BTC is actually worth 77.02 USD — which means you aren’t even a hundredaire.



Master Asked on April 28, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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