58% Of Institutional Investors Now Own Crypto: Fidelity Survey

New data from Fidelity shows that digital asset ownership among institutional investors has gone up 6% during the past year.

Fidelity Survey Shows 58% Of Institutional Investors Now Own Crypto

58% of the institutional investors that took the survey this year owned crypto at the time of the study.

This is an increase of 6% over the 2021 results, despite the market going through a particularly harsh bear this year.

Back in 2019, digital asset ownership among these investors was just 22%, suggesting that institutional presence in the sector has immensely gone up in recent times.

The study also asked participants whether digital assets should have a place in investment portfolios or not. Below are how the positive responses stack up.

Full article here: https://bitcoinist.com/fidelity-survey-58-of-investors-own-crypto/


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