550,000% ROI (!!!) – How Alexis Ohanian Turned $15K into $82 Million with Ethereum

550,000% ROI – that is an insane number to think of but Ohanian purchased 50K ETH during the presale in 2014

550,000% ROI: How Alexis Ohanian Turned $15K into $82 Million With Ethereum

“Ohanian understood that a blockchain protocol called Ethereum was about to be launched almost a decade ago and invested $15,000 in its native token – ETH. This means he bought the cryptocurrency for roughly $0.30 per token.

His investment is now worth approximately $82 million, a staggering 546,000% return. However, Ohanian wished he could have bought more at the time:

‘In hindsight, I didn’t invest nearly as much as I should have.’

He disclosed in 2021 that he has “a lot” of Ethereum without providing further details.

His Other Crypto Forays
Apart from co-creating Reddit, Ohanian has founded another entity – the venture capital firm Seven Seven Six. It raised $500 million at the beginning of 2022 to invest in cryptocurrency start-ups and doubled down with another $177 million fundraiser several months later.”



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