3 Fronts in the Global Digital Currency Wars

With the dawning of a new age, change occurs and that is what we are witnessing…well, those of us who are actually aware and not simply absorbed in the latest distractions of the day.

Three Fronts in the Global Digital Currency Wars

“The past several months have brought dramatic new technology, market and regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency sector, with major global technology and state actors pushing forward digital currency initiatives.

These new initiatives are forcing global leaders everywhere to ask what the role of digital money will be in the next decade, and are ultimately a proxy for shifts in the broader political and economic landscape that are going to re-shape the future of the international monetary system.

Deep, fundamental digitalization of the economic system is now well underway as blockchain infrastructure moves from the fringe and early adopters and into the spotlight of major nation-state actors. Synthetic, crypto-powered central bank money tokens, and the introduction of smart contracts that can represent and tokenize other real-world financial assets and contracts are on the rise around the world.

These rapid changes are leading regulators everywhere to grapple with an economic system that is beginning to mirror the open, global and connected internet of information and communications.

At the foundation of these shifts is the rapid development of public blockchain infrastructures, such as ethereum, which allow market participants to issue cryptocurrency tokens representing fiat currencies and other financial assets. This “base layer” of trusted computing, record-keeping and transaction processing can be compared to the base layer of TCP/IP and HTTP, protocols that allowed the vast global internet to come into everyday use.

There are now several competing approaches to building a new financial system on this infrastructure.”


Master Asked on November 13, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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