2 Years Since the March 2020 Black Thursday Crash – What Changed for Bitcoin?

It has now been over two years since the March 2020 Bitcoin crash – I remember watching the price go down and I didn’t panic – I bought more Bitcoin.

2 Years Since the March 2020 Black Thursday Crash: What Changed for Bitcoin?

“As it has happened with all other over 400 cases when someone declared bitcoin dead, the cryptocurrency proved them wrong. It didn’t go below $1,000, and it definitely didn’t go to $0.

Just the opposite, it started to recover its lost ground slowly but surely. It never looked back, and it traded at $8,000 less than two months later. It kept climbing in the following months, perhaps fueled by the down-described adoption and the third halving, and finished the year at almost $30,000.

While its price was going into uncharted territory, something (perhaps) even more impressive had begun – a transformation process from multiple investors, many of which doubted and bashed BTC before. Prominent legacy investors such as Paul Tudor Jones III, Stan Druckenmiller, Anthony Scaramucci, and Ben Miller started praising the asset and admitted buying portions.”



Master Asked on March 15, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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