10 Years Later…

…(well, 10 years and a few days) $1 billion dollar transfer  on the Bitcoin network – for the price of a cup of coffee!

Bitcoin Network Transfers $1 Billion ‘For Price of a Cup of Coffee’

As blockchain monitoring resource BitInfoCharts confirmed on Oct. 14, the transaction at wallet and storage provider Xapo involved a total of 112,027.29 BTC.

Previously, Bitstamp had transferred around 107,800 BTC of its funds to Xapo, paying a fee of 0.0234 BTC — or 0.0000217%.

The subsequent transaction, handled by Xapo itself, saw an even more microscopic amount paid to miners to approve the funds’ transfer. At $3.89, the fee rate was equivalent to 4.1724762780401154e-7% — too small to write sensibly using standard decimals.

As Bitstamp CEO Nejc Kodrics summarized, the funds “transferred in a single transaction for the price of a cup of coffee.”


Master Asked on October 15, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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