“1 in a billion” – Second Time This has Happened in a Week

This is the second time this has happened in a week and this time the miner had a hash rate capacity of only 116 TH/s

‘1 in a billion’: Second tiny miner solves a block

“In an astonishing turn of events, two lucky miners from the Solo CK mining pool have defied all odds and added a new block on the Bitcoin blockchain in the same week.

On Monday, a tiny miner successfully solved a block with a modest hash rate capacity of 126 terahashes per second (TH/s). Bitcoin (BTC) mining expert and member of the Bitcoin Mining Council Hass McCook told Cointelegraph at the time that the odds of this happening were 1 in 1,400,000.

But according to a Thursday tweet from Solo admin Con Kolivas, another miner from the same pool was able to solve a block with a capacity of only 116 TH/s — even less than the first miner. That’s likely to be just one to three mining rigs, depending on the equipment used.”



Master Asked on January 13, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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