RE: What’s Going To Happen With Bitcoin In India In 2020 ?

These nations don’t realize that they’re going to have to bow-down and embrace Bitcoin or be forced to exist in the past.


“…Company chief executive, Nischal Shetty, said that a CBDC would be of major benefit to Indians, and open the doors for further innovation in the crypto asset space. In an interview with, he was asked about the RBI ban, Supreme Court hearing, and possibility of it being lifted;

‘I really hope they do. I think we’ll see some solid progress with the case in 2020 as the matter has reached a stage where it’s being heard in court.’

As it stands, proceedings are set to resume sometime later this month when the hearing may finally take place.

Shetty stated that the government has taken its time over a cryptocurrency bill, as they want to understand the technology beforehand. He added,

We’re confident that our leaders will engage with the crypto industry of India and then progress in the right direction.

He continued to assert that the state will eventually turn pro-crypto but that may not happen for another year or two. India will wait and watch other progressive nations before making any regulatory moves in crypto.”


SavannahBTC Master Asked on January 7, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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Yep, either get on-board or get run-over by the Bitcoin locomotive.

Master Answered on January 7, 2020.
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