RE: So, About That Grayscale Ad I Mentioned The Other Day….

My sides are hurting after reading through the tweets and text I’ll post below…oh man….how did y’all drop the ball THAT BAD…???

‘This Ad Is S***’: Bitcoiners on Grayscale’s New TV Spot

“The 30-second ad is running on business and finance cable TV channels and there were hopes before it was unveiled that the could ‘bring crypto investing to millions’. But the reaction following the crypto fund manager posting the ad to its Twitter account on Aug. 10 have been fairly savage.

The Twitter video has so far racked up 92,000 views and 2,400 likes, but it didn’t meet the Bitcoin-boosting expectations of many Crypto Twitter users because it simply takes viewers through the history of currency, from seashells to paper.

‘I can’t believe you spent that much money, didn’t say ‘Bitcoin,’ and actually listed Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic (which is currently under centralized attack) in this ad,’ said Twitter user John Miles. ‘I was hyped for this and I must say it was a disappointment.’

Many criticised Grayscale for the ad’s production, saying the song was too loud and stating ‘the music is overlapping the words and most of the audio is unhearable.’

‘I was expecting much more than this,’ said Backstreet Trader. ‘It doesn’t compel me to take any action. It has a ‘so what?’ vibe.’

Perhaps Crypto Bitlord best summed up the feelings of many by succinctly saying ‘this ad is s–t.'”

Hodler Master Asked on August 12, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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HAHAHA!!! Yeah, they really dropped the ball with that one.

Master Answered on August 12, 2020.
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