RE: Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Will Be The Best Asset Over The Next Two Years

Raoul not only believes Bitcoin will be the best performing asset over the next two years, but BTC will reach $100k – $1ml:

The investor’s latest comment about the leading cryptocurrency comes shortly after he noted that BTC is the only asset in the world that is outpacing the growth of the G4’s balance sheet. This suggests it is the asset best suited to combat the monetary inflation that is ongoing:

“In fact, only one asset has offset the growth of the G4 balance sheet. Its not stocks, not bonds, not commodities, not credit, not precious metals, not miners. Only one asset massively outperformed over almost any time horizon: Yup, Bitcoin.”

Pal did not mention a price target for Bitcoin during this Twitter thread. But, in previous tweets and interviews, the analyst has made his optimism about the cryptocurrency’s value clear.

In an April newsletter, the investor said that Bitcoin’s chat implies it could reach a price of $100,000 within the next two years and potentially $1 million in the next five years to a decade.

With Pal expecting a potential collapse in fiat currencies and portions of the financial system, these targets may not be as outlandish as they seem from the surface.

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Fletch Master Asked on August 12, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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Over the next two years and several generations, at the very least

Master Answered on August 13, 2020.
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