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Good to have people in the mainstream eye like Okung  promoting and spreading the Bitcoin gospel

What Bitcoin Means for Athletes Like Me

“I’ve recently become the “bitcoin guy” in the locker room, complete with both ridicule and intrigue. My teammates are understandably curious about why I’m suddenly so into this “magic internet money” called bitcoin. The truth is, long before I tweeted “Pay Me in Bitcoin,” I’d become increasingly exhausted by constant struggle, endless conflict and the frequent absence of hope.

These days, I’m more interested in finding a solution that can be immediately implemented without first gaining permission, or proving my abilities (again), or articulating the worthiness of my peers to skeptics. As leaders, we have so much more to offer society than a few hours of weekly entertainment. I am hungry for long term, sustainable solutions that can demonstrate that our economic power is not only real, but vastly undervalued and overlooked.

Bitcoin is that solution. Allow me to provide some background on this and then I’ll explain why I believe so strongly in bitcoin.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on December 17, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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Good stuff. Okung has been exposing people to Bitcoin and using his voice as an NFL player to get the message out. No reason not to hodl at least SOME BTC…there are going to be a lot of sad faces around once we blast past the moon.

Master Answered on December 17, 2019.
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