RE: Need to know what Actually Cryptocurrency Is?

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Yesterday our Computer teacher assigned us the assignment on Cryptocurrency, I am a student of A2 with the computer as a major subject.  Time goes on and still, I haven’t started completing this assignment as I have already 3 assignments on pending which need to be submitted before this one.  I need a little favor in finding  Cheap assignment help USA. I am messed up with all the other stuff!! your suggestion can be helpful. Thanks in advance.

SimonaHalep Beginner Asked on January 12, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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Cryptocurrency is a new type of digital money. The most popular crypto currency is Bitcoin. It’s the original and has always had the highest market cap of other crypto currency’s by far. It’s a finite decentralized digital currency that is not run by any country or government. It’s the money of the people. Run by a computer algorithm and mining computers that verify transactions on Bitcoin‘s network called the Blockchain. Every bitcoin transfer is posted on the public ledger for all to see. It’s a transparent digital anonymous money system. It’s genius.

Expert Answered on January 18, 2019.
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