RE: JPMorgan – Young Investors are Pouring Money into Bitcoin at a Rapid Pace

According to recent news from JPMorgan, there’s a definite line between older investors who love their gold and younger investors who prefer Bitcoin. Regardless of anyone’s age, they need to take-off the blinders and embrace what’s best for them – Bitcoin.

JPMorgan: Young Investors are Pouring Money into Bitcoin at a Rapid Pace

“According to a recent note from analysts at JPMorgan, young investors are widely viewing BTC as the safe haven of choice, whereas older investors still prefer gold.

‘The two cohorts show divergence in their preference for ‘alternative’ currencies… The older cohorts prefer gold while the younger cohorts prefer bitcoin,’ the team of analysts wrote.

The analysts also explained that these younger investors are widely viewing BTC as an alternative currency to the US Dollar.

‘[The] simultaneous flow support has caused a change in the correlation pattern between bitcoin and other asset classes, with a more positive correlation between bitcoin and gold but also between bitcoin and the dollar as US millennials see bitcoin as an ‘alternative’ to the dollar,’ the analysts explained.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on August 6, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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For real…there’s no reason for age to even come into this, everyone should be embracing Bitcoin but then a good portion of older people just refuse to accept or embrace the future until everyone else is doing it…kind of like Facebook when it took off…now you’ve got grandparents on there. Oh well…more Bitcoin for us!

Master Answered on August 6, 2020.
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