RE: Is Ethereum A Centralized Piece of Trash?

Ethereum’s biggest stakeholder is Jeff Bezos

“They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well, people purporting to operate fully decentralized blockchains like Ethereum probably shouldn’t either. Data uncovered by Chainstack revealed that 61.6% of ETH nodes run in centralized cloud services.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on September 24, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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Hahaha … Thread title cracks me up .

All joking aside , that title really isn’t stretching the truth …

” And it gets worse. The biggest stakeholder in the Ethereum network is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bezos’ behemoth company indirectly operates almost 25% of all ETH nodes.

Control panel for blockchains Chainstack made use of the Ethereum discovery protocol to uncover this information. This is the mechanism that ETH nodes use to find each other to join the network. Each node maintains a list of all other nodes across the network in 24 hours.

Using, Chainstack was able to find the complete list of ETH nodes as well as their IP addresses. This allowed them to analyze where the nodes were being hosted and by which provider.

If the fact that AWS hosting 25% of the Ethereum network wasn’t scary enough, the top 10 cloud hosting providers are running some 57.3% of all ETH nodes between them. This includes Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud.  “

Master Answered on September 24, 2019.
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