RE: Holding 3% Bitcoin In Your Portfolio Improves Performance Substantially

Yet another example of why everyone should buy Bitcoin, the benefits are limitless and make everything better

VanEck Report: Holding 3% Bitcoin In Your Portfolio Improves Performance Substantially

“VanEck, New York-based investment management company, recently published a report regarding Bitcoin and its role in the market. By outlining the digital asset’s benefits, the paper showcases its potential to serve as an investment instrument and as a store of value.

Founded in 1955, VanEck is a global investment firm that offers investment options in ETFs, Mutual Fund Management, hard assets, precious metals, and more. Recently, the company published a report that compares how different sorts of institutional investment portfolios performed from early 2012 to the end of 2019.

Out of six possible scenarios, three include a small portion of Bitcoin. In fact, the best performing portfolio contains 58.5% equity, 38.5% bonds, and only 3% of the largest cryptocurrency. According to the report, it produced a cumulative return (CR) of over 200 points and an annualized return (AR) of 15.13%.

However, if BTC is extracted, the results would be dramatically less – CR of 110 and AR of less than 10%.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on February 10, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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I concur….hodling can and will not only improve your portfolio’s performance immensely, it will also improve your life immensely… !

Master Answered on February 10, 2020.
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