RE: Happy Birthday, HODL!

Happy Birthday to me! All kidding aside, six years, though? Time has flown…!

Happy Birthday HODL: The Bitcoin Long-Term HODLing Strategy Celebrates 6 Years

“Naturally, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not trading Bitcoin is the right choice, compared to just holding it. This is also where the popular HODL word comes from, as people who prefer to keep their Bitcoin rather than trade it, use it to describe their stance.

In a lengthy message to the much smaller cryptocurrency community back then, one person wrote an entire explanation on why he is holding in a post on the Bitcoin forum. Basically, he said that he doesn’t believe in his trading skills, nor he can get the right moment when to sell or buy, so the decision appeared clear – holding Bitcoin, even on bad days.

However, the person managed to mistake Holding with HODLing and thus inadvertently created a phrase that would stick for years to come. In fact, the post had a birthday recently, turning six years old.”

Hodler Master Asked on December 22, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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Six years … ?!!! That is just crazy to think of . Hopefully by sharing this and with the passing of time , few people believe it stands for ” Hold On for Dear Life ” – you used to see that all of the time in articles penned by journalists not in the cryptosphere and random newbs to crypto and it would always read like nails on a chalkboard to me ha ha ha . That old bitcointalk forum used to be a really good place for discussion but was ruined by spammers and various idiots over time .

Master Answered on December 22, 2019.
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