RE: Dear JK Rowling: Bitcoin Is Magic

Author of the famed Harry Potter novels, JK Rowling, tweeted-out in response to a CoinDesk journalist, Leigh Cuen, tweeting/asking  “I don’t understand Bitcoin,” Rowling said, adding, “Please explain it to me.”

For Mrs Rowling and others who are still not too versed on Bitcoin:

Fletch Master Asked on May 16, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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I was just reading about this exchange and in the article I read, Rowling comes off as a real twit – she replied after people tried to explain things to her with “I don’t think I trust this” and that crypto sounds “creepy”. I’ve never read one of her books and could care less what she thinks about Bitcoin. Oh, and here’s the article I was talking about in case anyone is interested

Master Answered on May 16, 2020.
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