RE: Crypto Primary Use To Buy Illegal Stuff Is Myth, Study Finds

Another crypto myth busted….


“The high volatility of Bitcoin and its brethren is an obstacle for those who want to promote the cryptocurrency as a reliable means of payment, but a recent study discovered that crypto owners don’t mind to buy stuff with it, and most of it is about legal and mundane purchases.

Visual Objects surveyed 983 people familiar with cryptocurrency and 157 cryptocurrency owners. The first group was asked what they believed crypto owners prefer to buy. 40% of them said that cryptos are mainly used to buy stocks, while 30% mentioned illegal items. Very few suggested that crypto owners buy clothing (15%) and food (14%).

In reality, the picture is quite different, at least from the perspective of cryptocurrency owners themselves. They said that they use their crypto wallets to buy food (38%), clothing (34%), stocks (29%), and gold (21%). 15% admitted that they purchased weapons and 11% bought drugs with crypto.”

Hodler Master Asked on April 9, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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This is one that needs to just die like the dead horse that has been beaten over and over .

Master Answered on April 11, 2020.
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