RE: ‘Crypto Is Unstoppable’ – Cardano Founder

Don’t have to tell us that but it is nice to see amidst all of the current doom and gloom

“Ethereum (ETH) co-founder turned Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson said that he expects Bitcoin (BTC) to be back over $10,000 and reach $100,000 in the future.

In a tweet published on Nov. 22, Hoskinson urged the cryptocurrency community that Bitcoin is more than speculation, putting the blame on the latest drop in price on news media “FUD” — or fear, uncertainty and doubt — and market manipulation.”

SavannahBTC Master Asked on November 23, 2019 in Cryptocurrency.
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This is why they fear Bitcoin , it is an unstoppable force and the power those in control hold is lessening by the day . Sadly , we are living in a time where knowledge is accessible to all with an internet connection yet so few use it and simply follow the herd . Once the floodgates are opened though , watch out !

Master Answered on November 24, 2019.
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