RE: Craig Wright Must Forfeit 50% of Bitcoin in Court Case

The latest on Faketoshi/Craig Wright’s court case, I hope this dolt slinks back to and crawls under a rock:

“Bitcoin (BTC) prices could face fresh volatility after Craig Wright was ordered to pay 500,000 BTC to the brother of Dave Kleiman, his late business partner.

The payout — worth more than $5 billion at the time of writing — could attract an estate tax rate of 40%, which Kleiman’s estate would have to pay.

There are now fears that 200,000 coins could be dumped on the market in order to settle $2 billion bill, potentially causing a crash.

In an interview with fintech magazine Modern Consensus, Wright said he would comply with the court order, which follows allegations that he stole hundreds of thousands of BTC from Dave Kleiman.”

Fletch Master Asked on August 27, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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Just came over here to post on this, what a total c!nt Craig Wright is!


“Wright said his haters can gloat all they want, but he’ll get the last laugh if Ira Kleiman floods the market by selling his 500,000 bitcoin (worth more than $5 billion) in order to pay off the inheritance tax on his newly-acquired holdings.

“The courts ruled that Ira inherited the $5 billion,” Wright explained. “Now he has to pay estate tax on that if he wants it.”

The estate tax on $5 billion is roughly $2 billion. Unless Ira has $2 billion on hand, he’ll have no choice but to sell off his holdings to pay his taxes.

Wright is aware that he has many detractors in the crypto community who think he’s a liar. He says he couldn’t care less about them.”


Master Answered on August 27, 2019.
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