RE: China Puts Its Money Under Quarantine; This Is Why We Need Bitcoin

This is a strong endorsement for why we need Bitcoin, China has quarantined its fiat due to the coronavirus – with Bitcoin, you’d never have a need for that and the disadvantages it brings.

China has announced that they will be cleaning banknotes. The government announced over the weekend that it will be cutting off fiat transfer across Chinese provinces. It will also be sanitizing the banknotes from high-risk areas. This is a new measure to control the spread of the Coronavirus. With this, Bitcoin’s decentralization, permissionless and digital attributes have come out as vital amidst the new government measures.

China continues to struggle to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. So far, millions have been quarantined in their homes. Unable to work or move freely. And still, it continues to rampage. The government has now announced they will be ‘quarantine’ old banknotes. The government believes that this has been playing a role in the spread of the disease.”

MadHatter Master Asked on February 18, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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This takes laundering money to a whole new meaning…

Master Answered on February 18, 2020.
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